Have a wellbeing body doing things the naturally healthy way and not by unhealthy ways like starvation, exercising to much and so forth. Weight loss, fitness, exercise, workout, motivation, nutrition are all things you should have in mind for a naturally healthy body.

the best way a normal man can get rid of belly and overall fat

If you want to look like the celebrities you might want to follow the celebrity diet plans for men like Jason Statham or Ryan Reynolds


Breakfast: chocolate & flax oatmeal topped with frozen rasberries & icing sugar, pukka three mint tea and some dark vegan chocolate.

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1. When you lose weight, you will improve your energy.

2. You will improve Your Self-esteem with weight loss.

3. Increase Longevity.

4. You will feel Happy instead of depressed.

5. You will not have to be embarrassed about your size.

6. You can wear bathing suits again with weight loss.

7. Your motivation grows when you lose weight and become normal size.

8. The overall quality of your life improve with weight loss.

9. Lose weight and your sex life improves, and if you don’t have one, you can get a sex life with the increase of sex appeal you will gain.

10. You will become attractive to the opposite sex with weight loss.

11. Stamina & Endurance improvement are benefits of losing weight.

12. Lose weight and you will start to feel sexy again.

13. You can fit “normal” size cloth.

14. You can fit the cloth you once could fit.

15. You look sexier in cloth when becoming skinny.

16. You will become a good example to your kids.

17. You can start Enjoy physical activities with family, friends and others.

18. You can play your favorite sport or physical activity which the obesity might stop.

19. You will feel good about yourself in most ways.

20. You can start eating around others once again without shame.

21. You can watch yourself in the mirror again and smile.

22. When losing weight you will become physical active automatically.

23. You will be able to sit in an airplane, cinema or others places with small seats.

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Why Fast Diets and Dehydration Is Unhealthy  

Why Fast Diets and Dehydration Is Unhealthy  

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